With over 50 years of combined experience performing the music of The Beatles, B4 and After sets the stage and dance floor for any exciting event! 
B4 and After is a sonic experience that encompasses the musical influences “before” The Beatles and journey’s well into each individual’s solo career “after” The Beatles.  Not only does B4 and After play the classic Beatle albums that we all know and love, but also has a vast knowledge of early Beatle hits before they made it big.  Not stopping there, B4 and After also ventures into the years following The Beatles.  This includes classics from the “Band on the Run” album by Paul McCartney, “Double Fantasy” by John Lennon as well as selections from “All things must Pass” by George Harrison and “Ringo” by Ringo Starr among many more! 
The personnel of this eclectic band are all amazing musicians in their own right, but are bonded through the passion they bring to the music of The Beatles.  Taking the reins with powerful lead vocals and solid rhythm guitars is Bob Blider.  One of the founding members of American English, Bob brings his knowledge of this music and foresight to the repertoire.   Providing a multitude of sounds from his amazing keyboard skills is the ever-present Gabriel Sanchez.  Also providing backing vocals, Gabe is a musical force not to be ignored.  The driving heartbeat of B4 and After is Jimmy Dunn.  The solid timing of Jim’s drumming is what will keep your feet on the dance floor.  Taking the lead with his amazing fretwork on the guitar, Mitchell Fecht keeps the group grounded in tradition.  Taking lead vocals on occasion, Mitch brings his musical knowledge to the forefront.  Finally Alex D. Evans provides the low end on the bass guitar as well as belting out powerhouse vocals on a multitude of songs.   
B4 and After is the perfect band for all musical venues with the proven experience of concerts, clubs, charity events, weddings and private parties.  B4 and After is untied to a specific time within The Beatles which allows the audience to experience all of the music The Beatles magically created for us all.  Both “before” and “after”.


 Alex Evans                     Jim Dunn                  Gabe Sanchez               Mitch Fecht                   Bo Blider